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Yukon Crafts Society

Box 31422
Y1A 6K8

Has your hobby taken over your life?

Would you like to develop a business from your hobby or craft?

Yukon Crafts Society is dedicated to providing an opportunity for crafters to test the marketability of their products. Many of our members are happy to sell their creations once or twice a year at Spruce Bog, while others go on to develop their own retail businesses.

Do you think you have a marketable craft?
Would you like to join the Yukon Crafts Society and sell your products at Spruce Bog?
Here's how you can:

If you are a resident of the Yukon Territory (or Atlin, B.C.), hand-make your product, have complete creative control, and oversee all aspects of producing and packaging your product, you may be eligible for membership in the Yukon Crafts Society. Registration is in September and again in the spring, prior to the Easter sale. These dates will be posted on this website.

Crafters who operate a retail outlet and would like to sell the same products at Spruce Bog are not eligible.

Membership fee:

Whitehorse resident single - $15.00 per year (Attends monthly meetings)

Whitehorse resident family - $25.00 per year (One member attends meetings)

Out-of-town single - $20.00 per year (Unable to attend monthly meetings due to distance)

Out-of-town family - $35.00 per year

Space fee:

4' space - $20.00 per sale

8' space - $40.00 per sale

12' space - $60.00 per sale (New members are not eligible)

Optional table rental fee

Tables are plastic and metal construction, measure 8' and cost $15 ($7.50 per 4'.) Those wanting only a 4' space will be sharing an 8' table unless you provide your own. Those renting 12' will have one 8' table and half of another 8' table, so you will be sharing with another vendor. Table skirts are provided by the Yukon Crafts Society and will be attached onsite. They will be either forest green or Christmas red. Please bring your own stool or chair.

Call Jennifer Lafreniere 867-335-3060 or email for more information