Sprucebog Vendors

Yukon Crafts Society

Box 31422
Y1A 6K8

Yukon Crafts Society Spruce Bog Sale Policy

Quick Reminders

  1. The products sold from your table must be made by the member alone, or in partnership with another paid member, or in the case of a family membership, with assistance from family members, or family members’ product in addition to your own. The products sold from your table must be individually made and produced in the Yukon. Atlin, B.C. residents are eligible for membership and their products must be made in Atlin.
  2. If you wish to share your space with another person, that person must also be a paid member and must submit a registration form together with yours. The table fees and space fees are paid once, on one form.
  3. A “Helper” is defined as someone who will assist you on the day of the sale, not someone who helped you make your product. The Helper need not be a member.
  4. Consignment items must not be removed from stores in order to sell them at Spruce Bog.
  5. Admittance to this sale is on a first come, first served basis. Current members are admitted first, first-time members admitted as space allows. Each form is dated as it is received.
  6. Members who do not hold an “Out of Town” membership need to attend 2 out of 3 meetings prior to the sale they wish to enter. If circumstances arise that prevent them from attending, please notify us by email or phone a member of the executive.
  7. You must not pack up and leave a sale before the advertised finishing time. If a situation arises, discuss it with the Spruce Bog Organizer to make arrangements.
  8. If you use a free-standing display behind your table, or instead of a table, please insure that vendors on either side of you are not blocked from view and are able to get by either in front of, or behind your display. It is a safety hazard to block access.
  9. Offensive language, threats, or abusive behavior used against any members of the public, other sale vendors or sale volunteers will not be tolerated. Your membership may be terminated (immediately) at the discretion of the Executive and Directors.