Mandate of The Yukon Crafts Society

To provide support and sale opportunities to Yukon home-based Artisans for their products. Membership is open to Yukon and Atlin, BC residents. Registration for membership is held yearly in September. Our AGM is held in October of each year. Meeting places and times are posted on our website and facebook page.

New Members

If you would like to join the Yukon Craft Society and sell your hand-made products at our craft shows please email us pictures of your products along with descriptions and tell us something about yourself and your process.

Spruce Bog Craft Sales


  • Must be a paid member in good standing.

  • Each item must be individually handmade, solely by the member.

  • The fees are payable by the member, at the time of registration. If a member withdraws before the 30 days to a sale, they will receive a full refund less the membership fee. No refunds will be issued with in the 30 days prior to a sale.

  • Admittance to the sale is on a first come, first served basis. Current members are admitted first, first-time members admitted as space allows.

  • Prices should be clearly marked on all items, or a price sign to cover small items.

  • The member must be familiar with and comply with the Canadian laws of content and labelling as they apply to their product.

    • Labelling laws require that fibre content and care instructions.

    • Any product for human or animal consumption must have an ingredient list attached.

    • Products used on your skin must have an ingredient list attached.

    • Every item must have the contact information of the maker attached to it.

  • If you use a free-standing display behind your table, or instead of a table, please insure that members on either side of you are not blocked from view and are able to get by either in front of, or behind your display.

  • You must not pack up and leave a sale before the advertised closing time.

  • Each member is responsible for setting up his/her own display area and tearing down at the

  • End of the day. Please ensure you remove all garbage and unwanted boxes from your area.

  • Offensive language, threats, or abusive behaviour used against any members of the public, other sale vendors or sale volunteers will not be tolerated. Your membership may be terminated (immediately) at the discretion of the Executive and Directors.

Why Join?

  • We run the LARGEST and longest running one day holiday sale in the Yukon.

  • Connect with like minded makers in our community who are serious about promoting and selling their products.

  • We offer events outside the Spruce Bog Sale. We have a 14 Day long boutique event over the holidays. We host a fall show as well yearly.

  • We are a non-profit society. All members have opportunities to join our board, volunteer and have their voices heard.