About YCS

The Yukon Crafts Society originated over a bottle of wine at the Paddlewheel Village, in 1975. A meeting took place between Mike Nelson and Dawn Vickers who were both newly graduated from Art School. They wanted to start a craft fair so they could market their products.  Originally called the “Spruce Bog County Fair” and now known locally just as “Spruce Bog”, the Yukon Crafts Society holds three events each year. 

Spring Spruce Bog is held before Mother’s Day, Winter Spruce Bog is always on a day in the third weekend in November, and the Spruce Bog Boutique is a delightful “store” run by our artisans during December.  The Spruce Bog Boutique is open daily for up to 16 days in December, please check up to date posts for accurate times and dates each year.

Only hand-made in the Yukon products are eligible to be presented at our Spruce Bog craft fair events.  With up to 80 crafters bringing their hand crafted products, you will be impressed with the quality and creativity of your Yukon friends and neighbours!